So, I’m going Direct Sales, I think I’m going Direct Sales, I really think so….

by leeannleach60

I started with JewelScent on March 9th, 2014 and by Friday I will be in direct sales with the Dove Chocolate Company. My next investment will be with a company called The Traveling Vineyard that does wine sales and wine tasting parties which, I think will go over very well in the cigar bars and with the cigar bar owners. I am, also, looking into a company that sells a WIDE variety of gift baskets, as well. Not having many issues with the Bipolar Disorder or anything mentally disturbing. I made my little Sorta, Cameron, a Easter bucket filled with all sorts of ducks because, his Mommy and I love ducks so, I found a bunch of things with ducks for a newborn because well, he is a newborn! I got him some University of Alabama Crimson Tide things; a little black Onesy that says “Start Them Young And Raise Them Right!” with an Alabama emblem on it, a crimson diaper cover with an Alabama “A” stitched on the bottom and a pair of red and white Alabama booties. I meant to get him a little football and forgot all about it!! Anyway, “he” sent me a thank you note and a photo of himself so I can show him off now when everyone starts pulling their grand babies pictures out!! Half of my JewelScent profits are going to a man named Marty that has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and his family is in dire straits financially so, if you’re in the mood to give to a needy family then, go and register at my JewelScent Florida web sight and buy you something cool and half of my profits go to Marty and his family!