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Changes To The Business Web Site

Changes To The Business Web Site

I have made location changes to the business web site to reflect the area I am covering and the plans that I have for the future within JewelScents. Please, jump over and do some Easter or Mother’s Day shopping!


Bipolar Disorder & Physical Wellness or Illness

The past week and a half I have been battling not only my mental illness disorder but, I have been dealing with physical illness, as well. I have had to have two teeth extracted 12 days ago and the dentist performing the extractions did not do a proper job, leaving me with bits of broken tooth and bone in my lower left jaw. By last Friday, I was in yet another oral surgeon’s office having the first dentist’s mistakes repaired by yet, another oral surgery, stronger pain medications and stronger antibiotics. In living with mental illnesses, it is extremely important to keep your health up and good because, when you are in times like I am experiencing now, you have a tendency to feel depressed and irritable more often and it hurts your personal relationships and your every day life of wanting to be productive and even something as simple as walking out doors for a few minutes. The antibiotics are strong, Amoxicillin, and they will always play havoc on the depressive end of the disorder, as well. The infection, although being treated, has traveled up into my sinuses and into my left eye, as well. It is frustrating me that I am not healing as quickly as I have in the past and that is making me irritable and not fun to be around. My home based business does not seem to be taking off as I had wished and that’s causing a great deal of bummer feelings in me, too. If anyone is interested; I am now a consultant with JewelScents, a company based in Los Angeles, California known for selling wonderful candles, aroma beads and Moroccan Argan Oil soaps that are to die for! In each product, you will get a ring valued from $10.00-$7500.00 along with the candle, beads or soap. Here’s a link to my web site with the company:

I’ve started this blog to keep a journal, of sorts, of my ups and down with my mental illnesses and in hopes of opening people’s eyes to what it is to have a mental illness. What it feels like to be stigmatized, to have people hold a bias against you because of your mental illness and what society needs to do to change these circumstances for people, like myself, and millions of others that have mental illnesses. Daily challenges that we all face that the “normals” do not face. Unkind words and perceptions that are not at all in line with the truth. Let this be a fair warning on my first post in this blog, that I do not hold back punches. If you are seen as one that practices these stigma’s and bias I will be the first person to point you out and name you by name.

Now, that my first blog is in place…I think I will go and have a nice, warm bath with my Lemon-Lime-Ginger Moroccan Argan Oil soap by JewelScent and see if I reach down to my ring tonight!Image